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Hindu God Shiva Parvati HD Wallpaper Shanker Gauri Pictures Free

Lord Shiva is the main deity that is worshipped in Hinduism. He is considered as the supreme being among the Shaivism and is called the "Destroyer". We are giving here some of the best and most popular Lord Shiva Hd images, Shivji photos, Shiva Mata parvati pictures, full size 4k ultra hd wallpapers of bhagwan Shanker and Shiva parivar pics for free download.

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Shiva the destroyer, rudra, shanker images, hindu gods in samadhi photos for mobile and desktop computers

lord shiva hd wallpapers 1920x1080 download,  lord shiva images hd free download  lord shiva angry hd wallpapers, 1080p for desktop  lord shiva angry images, hd 1080p

More.... Lord Shanker and Mata Parvati Hd Images Free Download

These beautiful Mahakal images, lord Shiva angry photos and in meditation are free to download for personal use. Belwo we are giving some more Hinduism gods and goddess photos and pics.

Festival Of Lights Happy Diwali HD Wallpapers
God Ram and Sita With Hanuman Hd Wallpapers
 Sanatan Dharma Hindu Goddess Of Wealth Goddess Luxmi Images
Shiva Parvati Son Lord Ganapati Ultra HD 4k Wallpapers


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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hindi Diwali Wishes Greetings Messages Wallpaper HD Images Free

Happy Diwali greetings in Hindi, Diwali wishes , Diwali messages wallpaper in Hd for free download. दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं, हैप्पी दिवाली! , दीपावली के वॉलपेपर and Diwali greetings in Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Hindi and English.

Divyatattva diwali wishes in hindi, shubh diwali messges,diwali greetings with images, diwali wallpapers

Divyatattva Diwali Quotes in hindi with images, Diwali wishes in hindi wallpaper, Best Hindi Quotes for diwali , happy Diwali Messages, happy diwali Wishes.

Divyatattva Top Diwali Wishes, deepavali Sms, happy diwali Quotes, Messages, Greeting in Hindi से अपने चाहने वालो को दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं भेजिए

 Beautiful Quotes on Spirituality Meditation Yoga and Wisdom of Hindus
 Top HD Wallpaper of Lord Rama and Sita For Free Download
 Lord Ganesha HD Pictures and Wallpapers In Full Size 


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Happy Diwali wallpaper full size hd widescreen Photos Hindu Festival

Free to Download Subh Diwali Lighting images and Designs, Diwali greetings Pictures, Full HD 1080p Diwali photos and Happy Diwali Widescreen HD Wallpapers. 

diwali, diwali wallpaper, diwali ganesha pictures, diwali festival, diwali aarti pictures, diwali photos for mobile,ipads, smartphones

Festival of Lights, Festival of Happiness. Diwali photos iphone and Festival of Prosperity Happy Diwali wallpaper HD widescreen

Diwali Greetings Images, Images For Happy Diwali Wishing. Diwali Greetings Images, Happy Diwali Wallpapers, Happy Diwali Images, Diwali

Shri Rama Hd Widescreen Wallpapers Full Size
Words Of Wisdom and Spirituality Quotes


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Lenormand Lily 30 Card Combinaiton Meanings Readings Predictions

Divyatattva Lenormand oracle card combinations for Lily 30, its meaning, readings, interpretation,  and predictions in the Lenormand spread by Rohit Anand, India.

Lily + rider (1): New Phase Of life, Old Visitor, sexual advances, old news, seducer, message from a lover, peace comes from some news

Lily + clover (2): Short term opportunity for sex without commitment, good times, good sex, sensual pleasures, an older man is lucky, medicinal herb, enjoying retirement, positive time.

Lily + ship (3): Exploring sexuality, Old antique ship or mode of transportation, restful trip, winter trip, Retirement trip, Travel in winters.

Lily + house (4): Old age home, Traditional sexual relationship, old house, man’s family, harmony and peace in family life, old house, retirement home, fidelity, old shop.

Lily + tree (5): Slow and stable, age-related health issues, sexual health problems, family lineage, Long time for recovery, grounded and rooted, humble, experienced and wise, age related diseases, dull or boring.

Lily + clouds (6): Doubts in Old age, hide sexual attraction, discontent, uncertainty, sexual problems, problems with family, Senile, Old age forgetfulness, unable to make decisions in old age.

Lily + snake (7): High sex drive and desires, Sexual partner, kundalini shakti, tantric sex,  man and a woman, old sexual partners, troublesome older man, meanness,impure.

Lily + coffin (8): Death in old age, no sex life, forgetful, peace ends, divorced man.

Lily + bouquet (9): joyful retirement, happy man, bouquet of lilies

Lily + scythe (10): Wise decision, accident, older surgeon, harmony ends, lack of passion

Lily + whip (11): Hot sex in later age, stubborn arguments, old conflicts, slow to act

Lily + birds (12): older couple, counseling, long conversations

Lily + child (13): Eldest among children, oldest child, grandfather and grandchild

Lily + fox (14): long-term job, affair, sneaking around, sexual problems

Lily + bear (15): pension, money for retirement, 401(k), aggressive businessman

Lily + star (16): lifetime achievement reward, famous man, good sex

Lily + stork (17): changes finally happen, man makes change, pregnancy

Lily + dog (18): old dog, lifelong friend

Lily + tower (19): assisted living center, government official, CEO

Lily + garden (20): senior center, sex in public

Lily + mountain (21): no movement, progress is blocked, no sex life

Lily + crossroad (22): man makes a decision, man has choices

Lily + mice (23): Alzheimer’s, sexually transmitted disease.

Lily + heart (24): older love, passionate love

Lily + ring (25): married later in life, man makes an agreement

Lily + book (26): old books, expertise, secret affair, unknown man

Lily + letter (27): Sexual content in message, old letters, man receives a message, provocative letter.

Lily + man (28): older man, mentor, grandfather, two men

Lily + woman (29): older woman, man and a woman, grandmother, mother

Lily + sun (31): successful man, success comes late in life, positive sexual experience.

Lily + moon (32): Romantic erotic sexuality, Sexual imagination, sexual encounter, art therapy, creative man,mature emotions, peaceful calm mind, sleeping too much.

Lily + key (33): Matured and experienced person who is of significance, important man, mentor, certainty.

Lily + fish (34): Retirement income, Fertile in old age, Male fertility, Pure emotions and feelings, Sexually active in old age, family business, old money.

Lily + anchor (35): Goal reached in winters or end of the year, status quo, things won’t change for a while, inheritance, sexual routine, long-term peace and calm.

Lily + cross (36): Seeking pleasure in pain, depression, wisdom developed by hardships, bad sex, contraception , laziness, old age suffering, wisdom and spirituality, austerities.

Lenormand Card Meanings and Keywords
Lenormand Oracle Detailed Cards Meanings
Lenormand Cards Combinations & Readings
Kipper Oracle Cards Books and Decks Review

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Happy Diwali Greetings Lord Rama Krishna HD Wallpaper Free Download

Popular Happy Diwali messages with pictures, Diwali greetings with photos, Diwali hd wallpapers with quotes and Deepavali background images for free download at Divyatattva. 

Lord Rama and Sita Full Size Hd Wallpaper 
Yoga & Meditation Quotes, Words Of Wisdom


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Diwali HD Wallpapers Free Best Wishes Messages Backgrounds

Beautiful Diwali greetings messages, Happy Diwali HD Wallpapers, Deepavali Photos with quotes, Diwali full size pictures and images for free. 

Hindu festival of lights is celebrated in the month of November every year all over the world with great pomp and show. This great Indian festival marks the victory of power of goodness over evil. At Divyatattva we have tried to capture the beauty of this traditional festival with diwali greetings and messages with pictures and hd wallpapers that you can download for free for personal use. 

Divyatattva.in Happy diwali wishes, diwali hd wallpaper, deeepavali greetings, hindu festival hd images for laptops and mobile

diwali ganesha photos, diwali message for whats app, diwali full size wallpaper, diwali greetings, diwali pics, diwali png, diwali lord ganesha, diwali desktop smartphone moble photo images wishes

happy diwali hd wallpaper, lord ganesha , shubh deepavali, diwali greeting messages with pictures

Lord Rama And Sita HD Wallpaper Free Download
Goddess Kali Hd Wallpaper Maa Durga Pictures
Wisdom Of Hindus, Spiritual Quotes With Photos
Aum Lord Ganesha HD Wallpaper Download Free


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Durga Goddess HD Wallpaper Maa Durga Best Images Free Download

Beautiful images of Maa Durga, maa durga hd wallpaper 1080p, Devi Durga full size images, Hindu goddess Kaali, Santoshi and Luxmi photos for free download for personal use.

 maa durga hd wallpaper for mobile,  maa durga face hd wallpaper 1080p , maa durga hd wallpaper for laptop

Maa Durga HD Wallpapers, Goddess Durga images, Devi photos Free Download

Goddess Durga HD Wallpaper free download, Devi Durga kaali Navaratri images photos

Spiritual Wisdom Quotes With Pictures
Lord Shiva Parvati HD Wallpapers

Hindu Goddess Laxmi HD Images

Happy Diwali Full Size Backgrounds

Lord Ganesha Beautiful Photos Free


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Spiritual Wisdom Picture Quotes Yoga Sayings Meditation Picture Quotations

Divyatattva Top yoga quotes, meditation sayings, soul quotes, wisdom of Hindus and best Hinduism words of truth by Shri Rohit Anand, India. 

These words of yoga inspiration will motivate spiritual aspirants and those on the path of yoga to achieve their spiritual goal.

consciousness, wisdom, soul quotes, spiritual sayings, picture quotes hindus, hinduism and yoga meditation

cosmic, soul, yoga meditation quotes, picture quote, manu, descending soul, pure consciousness

yoga quotes, meditation quote, spiritual quotes,wisdom sayings, divyatattva quotations, ignorance desires and suffering

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Future Of India Astrology Predictions 2019 2020 Horoscope Forecasts

Divyatattva brings you predictions about India in the coming year, Future of India in the year 2019 and 2020. Horoscope predictions about India, Vedic Astrology forecasts of great nation of Hindustan.

future of india, predictions astrology, horoscope of hindustan, coming year divination of India

* Indian economy will do well in later part of the year but stock markets will be very volatile.

* Problem of drugs, prostitution, sexual assaults, cyber crime will increase. Corruption will remain high in 2019 and 2020.

* Yoga, Tantra and Sanatan Dharma will make comeback and will make great strides in India and all over the world.

* Terrorist attack/bombings on India will take place from Pakistani terrorists in the coming months.

* India's influence and power will increase throughout the world. It will make great strides in defence and military hardware.

* Suffering of people will increase and many will die due to  increased cases of heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, depression, mental diseases, kidney failure, infections and suicides in India.

* Its military might will increase, new weapon systems will be inducted and work on space deployment weapons will progress for the future.

* Bollywood would expand its popularity throughout the world. Movies in India will touch new heights with regard to income and box office success. Popular Kapoor family of bollywood will see its decline, economic difficulties, misery and suffering.

* Life span of Indians will increase and people will be switching to more healthier diets.

* China, America and Pakistan will never be reliable friends or allies of India. America and China will never be the great countries of the future. Some of the Chinese companies will be threat to India and indulge in espionage and spread of communism and corrupting politicians. China will indulge in instigating India's neighbours like Nepal, Sri Lanka by bribing the politicians, media and individuals. Chinese rogue communist regime will continue to smuggle chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to corrupt regimes and endanger humanity and lie to the world. Any country that China will call its friend and develop relationship with countries it will cause its suffering, misery, destruction, exploitation and isolation.

* Citizens of India will see a great shift in the consciousness as they will be more aware and awakened.

* Population explosion and pollution will be major problem for the country. States of Kerala, Karnatka, J&K, West Bengal, Assam, Telengana will face social tensions and threat to national security due to deliberate illegal settlements and migration from islamic radicals and politicians.

* More and more people will shift their diet and lifestyle to vegetarian and vegan or organic. As people will start to realize the great harm of meat and non vegetarian food.

* Unemployment will increase in India in the future. Govt will fudge the data on economy and employment.

* India will face great danger from Islamic radicals, khalistanis terrorists and Separatists.

* People of India will loose faith in justice system of the country. Its credibility will be in serious threat due to lack of reforms and people will start taking law into their own hands.

* Relationship with Pakistan will deteriorate as it will continue to be spread hatred, hostility, Islamic terrorism against India and Hindus. Border clashes and bloodshed will increase among Pakistan and India. Pakistan will continue to lie, deceive, back stab and insincere in improving relations with India.

* China, Turkey and Pakistan will indulge in cyber attacks on India and its assets in 2019 and 2020.

* India will move fast to become the great Superpower during these years economically and militarily. It will become the innovation, artificial intelligence, robotics and manufacturing hub of the world.

*There will be sinister design to settle illegal Muslim migrants into Indian states for Islamization of India and its states by islamic radicals and corrupt politicians.

* Vedic Education, Gita and Sanskrit will become popular in India and through out the world.

* Immorality will increase and women will become corrupt indulging in alcoholism, drugs, sex and crimes. Sexual and violent crimes shall increase in the society.

* Hindus will unite all over the world and make  Hindustan great power in the future.

* Congress and Communists will be perceived as anti Hindus and anti India by the people and will bring great problems for the both. People of India will reject both political parties for insulting Indian armed forces and being threat with its policies. Some of the politicians and political parties will loose its relevance and will seize to be a force and might be wiped out from political arena.

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Bhadra Kali Goddess HD Wallpapers Durga Devi Photos Free Download

During the auspicious festival of Navaratri and Durga Puja, devotees of goddess offer prayers in the 108 names of the Goddess in nine days. These divine names of the shakti or feminine power appear in the Purana called ​Devi Mahatmyam or Devi Mahatmya that narrates the tale of Hindu Goddess Durga's  or kaali fierce battle and eventual victory over the demon king Mahishasura. During these auspicious days we offer some the most beautiful and full size hd wallpaper, images, photos and pictures of the goddess to devotees or shaktas that worship the devi 9 forms.

maa durga images, ma kaali wallpaper for whatsapp,  best images of maa durga navaratei, maa durga hd wallpaper 1080p

durga, kaali, navratri wallpaper, goddess photos, hd wallpaper devi

Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Wallpaper HD Background Photos Wealth Deity Shakti Photos

Goddess of Wealth and prosperity Mahalaxmi HD wallpapers, Devi Luxmi hd images, Hindu goddess Shri Luxmi photos for free download. They are free for personal use and celebrate this festival with fervor and devotion to feminine divine.

Diwali, goddess, shakti, goddess of wealth, laxmi, luxmi, tara, hindu deity, goddess wallpaper, photos

luxmi photos, laxmi pictures, goddess wallpaper hd, devi of welath pics

Diwlai wallpapers, hindu goddess hd backgrounds, devi photos for wealth deity of prosperity pics

Goddess Durga Images Navaratri Photos Download
Lord Rama And Sita Full Size Hd Pictures

Hindu Goddess Durga HD Wallpapers Free
Lord Ganapati Full Hd Wallpaper & Backgrounds 


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

Chinese Horoscope Astrology Predictions China Zodiac 2019 2020 Future Of China

Divyatattva brings you future predictions about China, Chinese Economy and in depth analysis of Chinese horoscope from top astrologers of the world.

* Its lust for expansion and domination to rule will make it colonize smaller weak nations by corrupting the politicians of their country. China will destroy the economies of Pakistan, Zambia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos to make them slave and occupying their lands.

* China will develop new weapon systems to become great threat to world peace with its wrong policies. It will be worst proliferator of Nuclear weapons, missile technology and smuggle dangerous weapons to rogue and terrorist states like Pakistan, North Korea and Iran.

* Chinese Economy will falter and weaken and fudged by its communist govt. Unemployment will increase in China, stock markets and business will crash.

* President Xi ping will be the worst communist leader China has seen and will ring downfall of China with is policies. He will be an fallen and frustrated Hitler of the 21st century.

* China will be the biggest threat to world peace and regional security due to its hegemony and coercive and crooked policies adopted against smaller nations and its neighbours. It will indulge in suppression of its own people and Hongkong.

* It will kill millions of Muslims, Tibetans and Christians to wipe out both and their religions.

 * World will shun Chinese made goods, ban its products, and higher duties and taxes will be imposed.

* Many regions of China will face floods fury, rattled with earthquakes and storms destruction.

* America will continue to be hostile towards China, disrupt its Economy, challenges its military might and bring new alliances to contain China.

* Opposition to Chinese president Xi Ping will grow in the communist party as he will become unpopular among people of China and he will find it difficult to handle revolt inside the party members.

* Chinese rogue communist regime will scantly respect international laws and Year of 2019 will be bad year for China with world rejecting its policies and hegemonic designs to rule the world.

* It will start to loose its tag of manufacturing hub of the world and  frustrations, suicide among population will increase greatly.

* More and more nations around the world will become against Chinese economic colonial invasion policies and it will face setback on its projects, work being stopped and reversed. South China will see more tensions and military buildup and world refuse to acknowledge Chinese domination.

* Power, influence and military domination of China will be challenged, face setbacks and see decline in 2019 and 2020.Majority of countries in the world and major powers will become against China.

* Chinese espionage activities will increase around the world and it will steal technologies in clandestine manner from every country that it does business with.

* Chinese military presence in Tibet and Antarctica will alter the climate in the Himalayas and disturb the environment leading to natural disasters.

Astrology Yoga Occult Tantra Metaphysics Tarot Lenormand Oracles Free Daily Horoscopes

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