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Sheetala Ashtami marks the eighth day after Holi and is also known as Basoda Puja. On this day, Goddess Sheetala is worshipped to seek her blessings for healing and curing diseases. She is depicted seated on a donkey, holding a pot in one hand and a silver broom in the other hand. People perform puja rituals by offering flowers such as marigold or jasmine along with incense sticks to invoke her divine presence. On this day, Goddess Shetala is worshiped in order to seek her blessings and protection from diseases.

The devotees offer prayers to Goddess Sheetala by performing puja rituals like lighting diyas (lamps), offering flowers and incense sticks, chanting mantras dedicated to her, taking part in special poojas performed at temples etc., The main ritual involves reciting hymns devotedly with utmost devotion while focusing intently on the divine form of goddess sheetalaji for healing their ailments or protecting them from any kind of illness or misfortune. This puja brings peace and prosperity into one’s life if done with true faithfulness towards god almighty. 

The devotees pray for health, wealth, prosperity and good luck while worshipping Goddess Shitala on this auspicious occasion of Sheetal Ashtami Vrat Pooja. It has been believed that if someone worships goddess sheetla during these eight days of holi then all their wishes will be fulfilled soon due to her gracefulness towards devotees who are devotedly praying for their well-being from core heartedness . Devotees also offer sweet dishes like kheer or halwa made out of wheat flour which symbolizes purity , peace & strength . 

The form of Maa Sheetla is considered to give coolness. It is a belief that whoever observes Maa Sheetla's fast on the day of Sheetla Sapatami/Ashtami with a true heart and with complete rituals, all his sufferings go away and all his diseases are cured.

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One day before all the food is prepared and then on the second day the women of the house wake up early in the morning and worship Sheetla Mata. After this, stale food is offered to the mother and all the members of the house also eat stale food. According to Hindu belief, consumption of fresh food and bathing with hot water is prohibited on the day of worship of Sheetla Mata. Everyone consumes that same stale food prepared earlier after it has been offered to the goddess as prasad.

Goddess Sheetala Mata Mantra 

”शीतले त्वं जगन्माता शीतले त्वं जगत्पिता।

शीतले त्वं जगद्धात्री शीतलायै नमो नमः।।

“शीतला: तू जगतमाता, शीतला: तू जगतपिता, शीतला: तू जगदात्री, शीतला: नमो नम:॥”

How to Perform Sheetala Goddess Puja?

Wake up early in the morning and take a bath by mixing Ganges water in the water. Wear clean orange colored clothes. Decorate two plates for worship. Keep curd, roti, pua, bajra, namak pare, mathri and sweet rice made on Satmi day in a plate. Keep a lamp made of flour in another plate. Keep Roli, Vastra Akshat, Coin and Mehendi and keep a lota filled with cold water. After worshiping Sheetla Mata in the temple of the house, keep the lamp without lighting it and offer food kept in the plate. Offer water to the neem tree.

शीतला माता का उपासना मंत्र

स्कंद पुराण में वर्णित मां का यह पौराणिक मंत्र 'ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं शीतलायै नमः' भी प्राणियों को सभी संकटों से मुक्ति दिलाकर समाज में मान सम्मान पद एवं गरिमा की वृद्धि कराता !

Goddess Sheetla Devi has been revered since ancient times for providing relief from many physical ailments such as smallpox fever cold cough etc., Her grace helps us get rid off evil forces & negative energies surrounding our lives thus bringing health & happiness within family members . Thus it can be said that worshipping Goddess Sheetalaji during Basoda Pujan can help individuals ward off illnesses , bring good luck , wealth & spiritual growth into their lives .

worshiping Goddess Shitala

In conclusion , it can be said that worshiping Goddess Shitala on the holy occasion of Basoda Pujan brings great fortune upon everyone’s life who seeks solace from any kind ailments they have been suffering from long time back . The devotion & dedication shown by people towards Maa Shitala bless them with immense joy & happiness throughout their lives !

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